Multi-Family Construction

Multi-family income properties, managed from beginning to end.

We provide large-scale construction services—from foundational work to smart home integrations—for commercial developments. We work closely with property owners, developers, and design professionals to establish a well-coordinated process that adheres

Newform Builders

We work closely with property owners, developers, and design professionals to establish a well-coordinated process that adheres to a strict, productive timeline while remaining nimble to be able to respond efficiently to shifting business strategies. Our team approach ensures the integrity of your program and design, while providing quality, cost-effective solutions.

Newform Builders

At NewForm Builders, we manage every step of your project, including pre-construction, project management, risk management, and safety. Additionally, we have in-house experts who specialize in conceptual estimating, alternative building systems, phasing/procurement strategies, and much more.

The building stages

Newform Builders


  • Budgeting and preparation of pre-construction estimates during design development
  • Coordination with architects about structural, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical plans with design goals
  • Value-engineering (exploration of alternate methods and materials to reduce cost)
  • Review of final working drawings for completeness and accuracy prior to bidding
  • Vendor pre-qualification
Newform Builders


  • Dedicated on-site job supervision to ensure quality workmanship
  • City permitting
  • Job cost controls
  • Monthly billing with tracking of percentages completed and paid
  • Timeline management with weekly meetings
  • Subcontractor coordination and management
  • Risk management, safety controls, and insurance coverage
  • Punch list
  • Privacy
Newform Builders

Project start-up checklist

  • Job Site Meeting
  • Owner Contract / Insurance
  • Zoning Requirements
  • Estimates
  • Permits / Fees / City Licenses
  • Owner Consultants
  • Temporary Facility Set-Up
  • Disconnect Site Utilities
  • Pre-Construction Meetings
  • Project Document Organization
  • Scheduling
  • City Inspections
  • Accounting
  • Construction
Newform Builders

Project completion checklist

  • Final City Inspections
  • “As Built” Record Drawings
  • Removal of Temporary Facilities
  • Punch List
  • M.E.P. Systems
  • Attic Stock Material
  • Final Billing


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    Other Services

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    NewForm Builders, has built a reputation for excellence
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    From custom homes to ADUs to multi-residential buildings, our
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