Custom Homes

As experienced General Contractors we know that a home is more than just creative designs and quality craftsmanship.

Rather than searching for the perfect home — an often fruitless process that can leave you frustrated and disappointed — we will help you build it. Customizations can adhere to your exact wants and standards, while driving up investment potential and lowering maintenance costs through the use of quality materials.

We are here to
guide you

We build to specification or if you want to change something

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Each NewForm home is built with the customer’s expectations in mind. From your lifestyle to architectural preferences to budget, we are dedicated to striking a satisfying balance to effectively meet every possible need without compromising quality.

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I have an architect

If you are already working with an architect, we will evaluate your blueprint and job site to provide you with an estimate, as well as collaborate with you and your architect on any other design considerations. We are happy to be as involved in the process as you’d like us to be.

View our portfolio for featured remodels and custom projects we’ve created in collaboration with our clients.

We are often chosen for projects that require a deep understanding of architecture styles, as well as historically significant residences in the Los Angeles area. We build nearly any architectural style, with particular specializations in the following:


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